Breakfast Menu

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**8.00am – 11.00am**

Our Breakfast Menu will be altered over the course of this weekend due to the IronMan event. Find out details > here <.

Breakfast Mains

House Baked Fruit & Nut Toast *V Served with butter & preserves.$12.50
House Baked Gluten Free Bread *V *GFBaked with sun-dried tomatoes, honey & herbs, served with butter & preserves.$9.50
Stack of Pancakes *VServed with mixed berry compote, maple syrup & vanilla ice-cream.$16.50
House Baked Granola *VWith dried fruits, berry compote, cinnamon yoghurt & milk.$14.50
Smashed Avocado *VServed with Danish feta & a lemon wedge on two slices of sourdough toast.$16.50
Spanish Style Baked BeansWith Venison Chorizo, sausage, two fried eggs & sourdough toast.$22.50
Garlic Mushrooms Bruschetta *V *GFServed with pesto, rocket & Danish feta on two slices of sourdough bread.$18.50
Spiced Bombay Potatoes *V *GFCooked with cashew nuts, carrots & peas, served with two poached eggs & tomato relish on English spinach.$18.50
Eggs on ToastTwo eggs poached, scrambled or fried served with two slices of sourdough toast.$10.50
Eggs Florentine *VOn Vienna toast with Hollandaise sauce.$15.50
Equinox Ultimate BreakfastTwo eggs poached, scrambled or fried, bacon, pork bratwurst, grilled tomato, two hash browns, garlic mushrooms with two slices of sourdough toast.$26.50



Hollandaise Sauce$2.50
Tomato Relish$2.50
Sourdough Toast (not GF)$2.50
Grilled Tomato$4.00
Hash Browns (not GF)$4.00
Garlic Mushrooms$4.00
English Spinach$4.00
Pork Bratwurst (not GF)$6.00
Smoked Salmon$6.00
Bacon (not GF)$6.00
Danish Feta$6.00
Baked Beans$6.00