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Drinks with a view

hummus spread *v, gfa, dfa 9 on garlic bread with olive oil and sumac

sour dough bread *v, gfa, df 12 with marinated australian olives, olive oil and dukkah

west australian shark bay goujons *df 16 goujons of shark bay whiting with tartare sauce and fried parsley

ham hock terrine *gfa 16 with mustard butter, braised red cabbage and grilled rise and co. sour dough

bbq pork ribs *gf 18 with house bbq sauce and slaw 

fish cake 15.5 crisp fried local fish cake, wilted spinach, poached egg and hollandaise

cauliflower and pea pakora *v, gf, dfa 15 with spiced yoghurt and pickled salad

charcuterie plate *gfa 22 artisanal smoked and fermented meats and seafood, cheese, pickles with grilled rise and co. sour dough

classic fish and chips 28.5 locally caught bronze whaler in a crisp batter with fries, cabbage fennel slaw and house tartare sauce

wagyu beef burger 28.5 in a toasted brioche bun with pickles, cheese and salad with fries and aioli

pulled pork sandwich 28 with house bbq sauce, quick pickled slaw, fries and aioli

salt n pepper squid noodle salad *gf 28.5 szechuan seasoned squid with vermicelli noodles, tomato, cucumber, roast peanut and herb salad with a nam jim dressing

wild mushroom risotto *v, gf 28 risotto of wild mushrooms, braised field mushroom topped with pine nuts, herbs and shaved parmesan

grilled chicken leg *gf 33.5 boneless chicken leg on a quinoa salad, roast peppers, toasted nuts and seeds with grilled broccolini

margherita *v 16.5 mixed herbs and evoo drizzle

tropical 20.5 diced ham, pineapple and jalapeño slices

roasted chicken and ham 22.5 roasted chicken, diced ham, mushroom and capsicum topped with chipotle bbq sauce

vegetarian *v 24.5 capsicum, roasted zucchini, mushroom and olives topped with feta cheese crumbs

prawns and chorizo 28.5 8 prawns, m/river venison chorizo and mushroom

garlic bread *gfa 8

fries *gf, df 10 with aioli and tomato sauce

steamed green beans *gf, df 10

fennel and white cabbage slaw *gf, df 8

wedges 12 with sour cream and sweet chilli

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