Lunch + Dinner


11.30AM - LATE

bread board *gf/o, df/o, v/o $22 toasted quin’s bakehouse local sourdough, with hummus, tomato relish, grilled chorizo, meredith goat feta and rocket.

olives *veg, gf, df $15.5 warm olives with artichoke and semi-dried tomatoes

squid *gf $18 salt, lemon and pepper fried squid rings with tartare sauce

crumbed haloumi *v, gf/o $16 with south west red gum honey drizzle

braised lamb ribs *gf $16.5 with sherry and mint glaze, radicchio slaw

buttermilk southern style fried chicken ribs *gf/o $17 with chipotle aioli and coconut yoghurt

family tear and share garlic bread *df/o $15 confit garlic, oregano and mozzarella topped pizza base

classic fish and chips *gf/o 28 beer battered shark fillet, golden crunchy chips, tartare, lemon and mixed leaf salad

royale with cheese $24 beef pattie, american cheddar, ketchup, mustard and house pickle with chips

buttermilk fried chicken burger $24 with cheddar cheese, tomato, rocket and kimchi aioli with chips

mushroom burger *v $23 crumbed field mushrooms, swiss cheese, rocket, tomato relish and zesty aioli

rolled pork belly *gf $32 with sage and butter pulled pumpkin, house made apple sauce, rocket and feta salad

chicken parmi *df/o $28 house crumbed chicken breast topped with neapolitan sauce and melted mozzarella, beer battered chips and mixed leaf salad

seafood risotto *gf, df $28 mussel, clam and fennel risotto with nasturtium leaves and burnt orange evoo

pumpkin risotto *v, veg/o, gf/o $26 pumpkin, sage and fior di latte mozzarella risotto with herb and walnut gremolata

lamb shank $32 white rabbit dark ale braised lamb shank with creamy mash potato and green peas

300g south west scotch fillet *gf/o $38 with roasted field mushroom, mustard pressed potato, sautéed silver beet and choice of veel bone jus or béarnaise sauce (surf ‘n turf option add $8)

250g south west porterhouse *gf/o $34 char grilled with beer battered chips, pickled beetroot and feta mixed leaf salad with choice of veal bone jus or béarnaise sauce (surf ‘n turf option add $8)

fish of the day see daily specials for info and availability

meat man $23 chorizo, chicken and ground beef with mozzarella and bbq sauce

vego *veg/o $21 sweetcorn, red onion, artichoke, mozzarella, oregano, rocket and olive oil

three little pigs $23 chorizo, pork belly, bacon, bocconcini and baby spinach

garlic prawn and bacon $24 prawns, red onion, smoked bacon, parsley and garlic aioli

mash potato *gf $10

chips *gf/o $10 with aioli and ketchup

wedges $12 with sour cream and sweet chilli

sautéed greens with olive oil and seasoning *gf, df, veg $12

char grilled sour dough $7

side salad $12 mesculin, feta, red onion, cherry tomatoes and house dressing

fish and chips *gf/o $10 beer battered shark fillet with chips

chicken and chips $10 crumbed chicken fingers, beer battered chips and tomato sauce

pizza $10 tomato, bacon and mozzarella

squid *gf/o $10 salt and lemon pepper squid with chips

burger $10 milk slider bun, beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce and aioli with chips

bangers and mash $10 grilled pork sausage, mash potato and gravy

We also offer daily specials, check with our waitstaff on your next visit.

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